Identify underwritable paystreams

All deposits don’t yield income that a borrower can (or will) use to repay a loan. Repeatable, underwritable paystreams can be difficult to isolate – and with varying reliability.

Edge detects and categorizes paystreams through the lens of what matters most to lenders. Our rich library of attributes for model and scorecard building enables comprehensive income assessment, with a particular focus on timing and stability.


Day and date when you should expect the next payroll deposit


Potential variance in amount  from paycheck to paycheck


Accelerate onboarding and streamline operations

Traditional methods of verifying income can be costly and eat up valuable time, especially as consumers increasingly rely on multiple and/or nontraditional sources of income.

EdgeEnrich delivers real-time income detection. Less delays mean less drop-offs, so your applicants will see faster processing times and become more satisfied, more loyal customers.

Meanwhile, you’ll see massive cost savings once Edge enables greater automation in your underwriting process.

how it works

EdgeEnrich income verification

Edge ingests banking
activity data from any
provider or core system

Our income detection
algorithms identify and
classify paystreams

EdgeEnrich distills raw data into discrete, quantifiable insights (attributes or features)

Credit models and scorecards utilize these risk signals in lending decisions