Pinpoint cash flow insights most relevant for your business

Cash flow underwriting makes intuitive sense, but translating thousands of datapoints into systematic decision-making parameters requires considerable time and experience.

Most banking activity analytics providers offer thousands of summary metrics billed as actionable insights. The challenge is sifting through all those potential risk signals to know which matter most and how or when you should take action.

With EdgeRefine, lenders can quickly identify the most predictive analytical building blocks from EdgeEnrich then determine rules or thresholds for individual attributes as well as EdgeScore – all specific to your individual business and portfolio risk parameters.


Test and learn with a head start

Every product we deliver from Edge starts in the real world not at an analytics bench or technology incubator. The EdgeEnrich attribute library and EdgeScore have been battle-tested on over $500 million of loans since 2017.

So our customers can start from a curated library of risk insights with proven value in consumer lending. EdgeRefine enables you to take what’s still a long list and drill down to the handful of variables most relevant to your business.

You can set decision rules and thresholds with confidence knowing how each Edge insight would have historically impacted your portfolio, then validate and calibrate those initial parameters as often as you’d like.


Decision rule calibration with EdgeRefine

Anchor EdgeRefine with your targets for default rate, conversions, and other key metrics

“Self retro” your historical loans with full range of Edge analytics

Automatically see the most predictive risk insights based on your risk parameters

Implement credit policy changes in your LOS or decisioning platform

Refresh EdgeRefine periodically to validate, optimize, and recalibrate your rules set