Data aggregation

Connect with more accounts to drive higher conversions

All banking activity sources are not equivalent. Every failed or stalled connection is a consumer that won’t become your customer.

Edge sources transaction data from multiple providers and sends each individual request to the source with the best chance of a successful connection.


See better data, more quickly, and more often

Response quality also varies widely among transaction data providers. Direct API connections can be completed almost instantaneously whereas screen scraping sometimes requires several minutes. And a year or more of transactions enables more predictive analytics than a month or two.

Edge has analyzed over 4 billion transactions from nearly every depository institution in the U.S. We optimize where we source data from any bank or credit union on any given day based on robust empirical data for all of connectivity, data density, and speed.


Where is a healthy,
stable connection available?

Data Density

Which data provider will deliver the longest transaction history?

Speed & Latency

What connection will respond the fastest with transaction data?

how it works

EdgeConnect smart routing


Consumer selects their
bank or credit union within
your online application


Edge determines the
optimal source for
each data request


Consumer’s login is securely
facilitated through Edge’s
network of trusted data partners


Edge returns normalized
data to you via secure
API and our online portal

Leverage our data partnerships or ‘BYO’

‘Bring your own’ data flexibility

Do you already have a contract with a data aggregator but want to unlock its full potential with Edge analytics?

Our smart routing waterfall can directly source data utilizing your credentials with the legacy provider to make your data spend go farther.

We can also ingest transaction data directly from banking core systems, decisioning platforms, or your LOS/LMS.

Fluency across aggregators

Edge has successfully processed raw data files from every banking activity data provider.

We bring each of their formats into a single, standardized structure.

In effect, we’re a universal translator to enable consistent, value-added analysis on data from any of Edge’s data partners or your own.